The Milk Drunk Foundation

Specializing in bottle/tube fed neonatal babies of all kinds.
Based out of South Florida.

Did you ever hear the phrase:

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”?

At The Milk Drunk Foundation we don’t believe in this. We are ok with bites, nibbles, licks and all sorts of abuse coming from our Milkies!!

We started this foundation with the philosophy that every orphaned baby deserves a fighting chance, and we are here to feed, nurture, stimulate, cuddle, and love them. Of course, with this commitment comes a fair amount of mishandling of our very own sleeping privileges, as well as our body autonomy; our Milkies RULE OUR LIVES!

Who is behind The Milk Drunk Foundation?

Michelle, a retired midwife, who has traveled around the world and lived in several continents. Michelle doesn’t find her babies; her babies find her! Michelle is a newly relocated Floridian who has quickly submerged herself in the rescue world of the fast paced and sometimes cruel, South Florida area.

Michelle wet her feet in rescue as a young girl, hiding cats and dogs in her backyard tree house and hoping her parents would never find them. As a young adult, Michelle was faced with the news that due to some medical issues, she would be unable to have biological human babies; it seemed fitting then, that she should adopt a pet (or two) to start her very own family. Fast forward a few years later, Michelle did not only adopt a couple cats; she adopted a human newborn in 2009. With the joy of adding a human sibling to her then fur babies; Michelle became pregnant with her first biological child in 2010.

It would be an understatement to say that is the highlight of her story; Michelle went onto adopt a second human newborn in 2012 and welcomed a second biological human baby in 2014. Once her human family was completed; Michelle embarked on the journey to become a surrogate mother to family friends. Did she do this once? Of course, not! Michelle and her friends welcomed womb dweller #1 in 2016 and womb dweller #2 in 2017.

After an overseas move and a return to the states, Michelle dove full force into becoming the best fur foster mom she could ever be. In 2019, Michelle began volunteering for Wonder Paws Rescue. While serving her role as a volunteer, Michelle submerged herself and took on a very active role within her chosen rescue. Michelle’s selflessness and kindness can be summarized by this featured news piece aired in 2022. returns-pricey-timepieces-owner-pays-it-forward/

Shortly after the news report aired, Michelle incorporated her very own neonate focused pet rescue; and that folks, is the beginning The Milk Drunk Foundation!

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Abigail, a High School Senior, started fostering animals for Miami- Dade Animal Services in 2020, when her family discovered an abandoned neonate kitten. Today Abigail has fostered over 150 animals and has saved countless more. When Abigail first started fostering she focused on neonatal kitten rescue, but has since expanded to medical foster cases and neonatal puppy rescue. When she isn’t fostering, she can be found volunteering at MDAS, humanely trapping community cats for the county’s CATII program, or serving on the board for The Milk Drunk Foundation as outreach chair. 

In raising awareness for South Florida’s pet overpopulation issue, Abigail has begun giving presentations at local schools, libraries, and homeschool groups. Teaching others how to properly nurture neonates has helped her save countless animals while teaching empathy and compassion to a new generation. Her influence hasn’t been confined to our community. She harnessed the power of social media to document her fostering journey, and in doing so, has reached millions. 

Her dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. Abigail has earned the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award, was featured in the first CBS News, “Miami Proud” segment, and was awarded the Best Neonate Foster in Miami Dade County twice, in 2021 and 2023. 

At the young age of 17, Abigail has volunteered thousands of hours and has already made a great impact on the world of animal welfare. Without a doubt, her determination will continue to save many more animals and will inspire countless others to become involved for years to come. 

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Meet Kayla, a compassionate mother and animal lover. As a Florida Native, her love for animals began in the ocean with dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles. Sincerely her father wouldn’t let her keep any in her childhood jacuzzi, she decided it was best to focus her energy on the animals she could actually help. As a dedicated foster at The Milk Drunk Foundation, Kayla spends her days caring for and advocating for animals in need.

With a heart of gold and a helpful spirit, Kayla can often be found lending a hand wherever it’s needed most at the rescue.

But Kayla isn’t just a loving caregiver to the animals at the rescue – she’s also a devoted mother to her own son. Balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with her passion for animal welfare, Kayla sets an inspiring example of love, compassion, and dedication for her family and community.

And let’s not forget about Stella, Kayla’s faithful companion and beloved family dog. This incredible dog, is more than just a pet – they’re a cherished member of the family and a source of endless joy and companionship for both Kayla, her son, and all the fosters Stella helps love on. 

Together, Kayla, her son Anthony, and Stella make a formidable team, spreading love and kindness wherever they go. Whether they’re enjoying outdoor adventures in the Florida sunshine or lending a helping hand, this dynamic trio is making a positive impact on the world around them, one wagging tail and kitty purr at a time.

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